Flow Blockchain (a blockchain based logistic solution developed by Freudental Lab for tracking fresh produce) was first introduced in April 2018. Starting today with our Flow Blockchain Version 2.0 rollout, we have taken another small step forward in the blockchain world.

After more than a year of operating the Flow Blockchain 1.0 or after processing 159 Blocks on our private Blockchains, we have built everything from scratch again based on a year of continuous improvements and customer feedback.

The Version 2.0 has many new features:

  • Backend: Transactions are validated instantly on Blockchain
  • Backend: Ledger and Sub-Ledger Management on Blockchain
  • Backend: Order and Customer Management on Blockchain
  • Backend: Customer Loyalty Program on Blockchain
  • Backend: Cross-Blockchain Payment Gateway (BTC Bitcoin, ETH Ethereum, LTC Litecoin) is integrated
  • Backend: SMS and Push Notification Services are integrated
  • Frontend: New sleek and lightweight HTML5 UI
  • Frontend: „One-Click-Order-Button“ function for existing customer ‚
  • Frontend: „Mini Shop“ function for new and existing customer‘
  • Frontend: „Farm-to-Table“ logistic tracking‘

In addition, the Flow Blockchain 2.0 has been fully integrated with our new Omni-Channel enabled IT-Infrastructure.